Marston Living Beacon Hill

The Newest in Luxury Retirement Living

Marston Living Beacon Hill is setting the new standard in luxury retirement living. Featuring the highest standard in fixtures and fittings, lavishly spacious units, breathtaking views of Dee Why Beach and a tranquil bush retreat, Marston Living Beacon Hill offers residents an opportunity to escape their worries to focus on their passions. At only 32 units Marston Living Beacon Hill presents a lucky few with an opportunity to join a highly exclusive and tight knit community of like minded individuals.

A Tranquil Bush Retreat

Nestled beside pristine bushland and within a 10 minute drive of Dee Why Beach, Marston Living Beacon Hill uniquely offers modern luxury against a lush backdrop. Community members enjoy a secluded sanctuary as they immerse themselves in the expansive gardens or share a meal accompanied by ocean views. Our dedicated team take care of all the maintenance of the gardens and communal areas and are on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to attend to residents’ needs.

A True Village Community

With only a limited number of units available, community members come together as a genuine village with every member well acquainted with one another. Regularly scheduled outings and events help ensure residents stay physically and mentally active and provide extra opportunities for community members to connect.

Residents can share this experience with friends and family thanks to the village’s central location in the Northern Beaches making visits as easy as ever. Guests are welcome to use all the village facilities and will be comfortably accommodated in the spacious guest bedroom should they be invited to stay overnight.

Leisurely Living

Residents are able to look forward to their best years free from burdensome distractions. Our dedicated staff will ensure the gardens and communal areas are maintained so residents be free to focus on their passions whether it involve a passport, oil on canvas or a pair of hiking boots.

The village also boasts all the comforts of a modern resort including a luxurious pool, gymnasium, sports lounge, community kitchen, library, visiting hairdresser, cinema, hireable dining hall and an outdoor barbeque area.

Peace of Mind

A unique attraction of retirement village living is the peace of mind that comes from knowing assistance is never far away. Whether residents need their unit unlocked or require assistance after a fall, our staff are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, all residents are provided with a 24 hour emergency call system that can be carried with them throughout the village. The support offered at Marston Living Beacon Hill ensures residents are able to enjoy their independent lifestyles in their own homes as long as possible.


You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave this village.

You may have to share any capital gains received with the operator of this village.